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$$Italian restaurant
  1. Contemporary Italian cuisine & wood-fired pizza are offered in a smart blue-accented room.
    Service options: Has outdoor seating · Serves vegetarian dishes · Has Wi-Fi
    Located in: Preston Royal
    Address: 5959 Royal Ln #707, Dallas, TX 75230
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    Q: Well today is going to be my first day working here I am excited to work with this Italian restaurant! Wish me go luck and it is a big blessings to have been hired here the people who I will be working with have a great aditudde and are also motivate
    A: Great place to have a wonderful lunch or dinner! Staff is friendly, food is great.
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    People typically spend 45 min to 2 hr here
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    DALLAS, TEXAS – PRESTON ROYAL VILLAGE LOCATION 5959 Royal Ln #707 (@ NW Corner of Preston Rd) Dallas, TX 75230 | TEL (214) 739-5959.
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    Top Neighborhoods in Dallas, Ranked

    11. Timberbrook

    Perfect for big families—with bigger budgets—looking for more space

    Timberbrook is a dreamy neighborhood: beautiful big homes, walking paths everywhere, and a safe place where children can play on the street.

    The only thing stopping this neighborhood from being a perfect 50/50 is that there aren't many things to do besides enjoying the greenery. Oh, and that it isn't the most affordable place to live!

    Besides that, the neighborhood of Timberbrook is a great place to raise a family–especially a big family since all the homes are huge! There are some great schools in the area; plus, it's considered safe and child-friendly.

    Last but not least, this area is perfect for nature enthusiasts. You have Timber Brook Park, a small but picnic-perfect park, and at a walking distance–or a short drive–you have the Collin Square green belt and the magnificent Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve. Weekend plans never looked so green!

    Timberbrook's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Timberbrook scored:

    10. Preston Highlands

    Perfect for families looking to squeeze the very best out of Dallas district schools

    Preston Highlands is a neighborhood perfect for families or young professionals. Why? Although not all houses for rent are affordable, there are still some affordable options on the cards. The neighborhood scores a solid 3/5 for affordability.

    The walkability of Preston Highlands is also a 3/5–not because there aren't walking paths, there are, but most shops and restaurants aren't as close as most would like.

    When thinking of growing families, Preston Highlands is an ideal neighborhood. It has the benefits of a Dallas address with the perks of the Richardson Independent School District and the Plano Independent School District–great quality schools.

    The proximity to the Freedom Meadow Park and its Warren Sports Complex gives children (and adults) access to high-quality athletic programs. Plus, you can take your pick from soccer, baseball fields, or bike trails on the weekends. Preston Highlands scored a perfect five for beauty and parks.

    You'll also have easy access to the George Bush Turnpike, the Dallas North Tollway, and the Preston Road–all the main highways in the area.

    Preston Highlands has a quaint small-town atmosphere, but its proximity to the city and main highways makes it an ideal place for city dwellers to enjoy some peace.

    Preston Highlands's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how

    9. Lower Greenville

    Perfect for college students and young professionals looking for a thriving restaurant scene, and just a few streets away from White Rock Lake.

    In the Old East Dallas area, you’ll find Lower Greenville, with rent prices just above Uptown prices but with a main street full of restaurants, bars, and a beautiful theater—it’s a solid Dallas zip code if your student budget can afford it.

    Lower Greenville is the perfect neighborhood in Dallas for college students. With plenty of colleges and universities just outside the area, your commute time could be just a few minutes a day—you’ll have to find another excuse for being late for class besides the traffic.

    Whether you’re a college student or fresh out of college looking to make your mark, Lower Greenville will keep your ‘entertainment meter’ maxed out. It scored a perfect five in our Nightlife and Entertainment category. Starting from the Granada Theater, a 1946 art deco theater has become a city favorite. It provides year-round productions to give Broadway a run for its money.

    After a show, you're surrounded by all kinds of food and drinking options just a few steps away. Lower Greenville’s walkability—a four out of five in our rankings.

    Once you move to Dallas and become its biggest fan–because, let's be honest, how can you not love this piece of Texas pie?–you'll find all the Dallas-themed apparel in Bullzerk. One of the neighborhood's most known shops. Perfect for showing off your newfound Texas pride!

    Lower Greenville has everything you might need, from trendy bistros to little boutiques, and whatever you can't find, you'll just need to take a short drive to Downtown and boom! You're at the center of everything.

    Whether you’re a college student looking for a place with new schools and a vibrant nightlife, or you're a young professional looking for a quaint neighborhood with a robust scene of bars and a growing list of restaurants, or just want to seize the natural wonders of White Rock Lake, Lower Greenville has your name written all over.

    Lower Greenville Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Lower Greenville scored:

    8. Design District

    Perfect for young professionals looking for an affordable–yet fun–place to live in Dallas.

    Affordable and trendy, that's one way of describing the Design District. However, it doesn't do it justice to all that this area truly offers.

    The Design District has got to be one of the best places to live in Dallas for young professionals looking to get out of their bubble. With its easy access to Downtown and an endless list of entertainment options, the area has a buzz to it you’ll struggle to find elsewhere.

    With the Design District, you get the affordability of living outside of a Dallas hub, but an unlimited supply of Downtown joy just a DART, bike, or Uber away!

    The Design District has a wide variety of restaurants and bars for you to try. You’ve also got the Haas Moto Museum and Sculpture Gallery for those rainy days. Need more? Check out some British contemporary artists and an impressive research library at the Goss-Michael Foundation. Go from foodie to art buff in just a few blocks.

    The Design District also has a ton of hotels nearby. Perfect for when your in-laws or relatives are visiting–we love them, but we also love our space.

    What the Design District lacks in safety, getting a 2/5 in our rankings, it compensates for with perfect scores in all entertainment categories. Definitely a place worth checking out if you're planning to move to the great city of Dallas.

    Design District's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Design District scored:

    7. Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff

    Perfect for young professionals who want to live at the heart of the arts and crafts hub in Dallas.

    Bishop Arts District is a Dallas hidden gem. Situated in Oak Cliff, it's a neighborhood for the artsy and trendy folk.

    The best thing about the Bishop Arts District area is its high walkability. Let's be honest, no one wants to see life passing by while sitting in the middle of a traffic jam—they don’t all turn out like they did for Emma Stone in Lala Land.

    This area in Dallas is so ideal for walking that you won't even need to own a car–imagine all the money you could save on gas, parking fees, taxes? Now imagine where that money can go instead, read on!

    Not only can you walk anywhere you want–a five out of five in walkability– but you'll have a great variety of things to do–all within walking distance. There are plenty of restaurants, from Texas-style BBQs to Vietnamese pho. Once you’ve fuelled your belly, fuel your mind. You’ve got the Texas Theater, where Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested. Or, the art deco Kessler Theater with weekly live music. There are also plenty of artsy shops, galleries, and the Bishop Street Market–it’s certainly living up to its name.

    The Bishop Arts District should definitely be on your list if you’re considering moving to Dallas.It’s full of things to make every day the highlight of your week. Although it isn't the safest area in the city–scoring a shy two out of five–it's becoming safer every year.

    By moving here, you'll join a young, vibrant and diverse community–and all without breaking into that overdraft, getting a perfect score in affordability.

    Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Bishop Arts District/Oak Cliff scored:

    6. Deep Ellum

    Perfect for young, single professionals looking for a neighborhood to match.

    Deep Ellum was established in 1873 and was originally called Deep Elm. However, local funky pronunciations led to its current name: Deep Ellum. One of the first things you'll notice about this neighborhood is the 'Travelling Man' sculpture, which sets the tone of this part of town: trendy, artsy, and super welcoming.

    Deep Ellum is a creative pocket filled with famous street art. Many of its residents like that it isn't just an artsy neighborhood–there are a few in Dallas—but Deep Ellum's welcoming vibes set it apart. It doesn't matter who you are or what kind of art you're interested in. In Deep Ellum, you'll be greeted with a smile, a beer, and a brush.

    In Deep Ellum, you'll be a barbeque believer quicker than you can flip a burger. You're surrounded by the best of Texan BBQ cuisine on every corner.

    Want more? The Bomb Factory not only has an explosive name, it was an actual bomb factory during WWII and was later turned into an events venue. It's one of the places that will be at the top of your list if you're looking to break a sweat on the dance floor.

    Not the "time to take myself for a silly little walk"-type? You're in for a treat. At Deep Ellum, every parking meter is free until 6pm.

    Besides its vibrant nightlife and arts scene, which give it a fat five in the shopping, nightlife, and entertainment areas, you'll also find a solid place to live. Deep Ellum is filled with affordable, luxury apartments, sleek condos, and detached single-family homes.

    Not only does it have excellent walkability, but it has access to the DART Green Line, making it a well-located area with excellent access to the rest of the city–what else can you ask for?

    Deep Ellum is known for its array of entertainment and live music venues, colorful building murals, and plenty of places to eat, drink and celebrate. Pretty much the perfect place to be if you're a young professional, and even better if you're single and ready to mingle.

    Deep Ellum's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Deep Ellum scored:

    5. Campbell Green

    Perfect for families looking for great public schools, affordable homes, and a subtle blend of urban and suburban.

    The Campbell Green neighborhood in Dallas comes out on top for affordability–getting a perfect score. The average rent price is lower than the national average, making it a great option for families on tight budgets. It shows in the numbers with 36% of the neighborhood are renters.

    The Campbell Green and the Preston Green parks are perfect for all the family. The seemingly evergreen trees and beautiful yards make it a neighborhood set for a stroll. Grab your water bottle though, you won't find many restaurants or cafés within walking distance from your future home.

    Here in Campbell Green, public schools are above average and will probably be the school of some brilliant minds of the future. Its beauty and parks, top schools, and affordability make Campbell Green a family favorite.

    Campbell Green's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Campbell Green scored:

    4. Canyon Creek South

    Perfect for families that want to have their little ones in some of the best elementary and middle schools in town.

    Canyon Creek South is just southeast of Cottonwood Creek South. This means it also enjoys great proximity to the University of Texas at Dallas and a collection of restaurants and shops close by. Canyon Creek is definitely better for families looking for a more affordable option.

    The Canyon Creek Club and the Prairie Creek Park aren't near the neighborhood; they're literally in it. This is ideal for nature lovers, kids who need tiring out, keen joggers, or all of the above.

    The area is very walkable–scoring a 4/5 in our ranking–although walking is only really used as a fitness activity or a way to showcase your latest activewear.

    You'll need a car to run most errands, but on a hot summer's night, your favorite restaurant is only a few blocks away. Canyon Creek South scores a 5/5 for Nightlife and Entertainment, Safety, Sopping & Restaurants and Points of Interest!

    Canyon Creek South's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Canyon Creek South scored:

    3. Arapaho

    Perfect for families with teenage kids–make friends as fast as you can say Arapaho!

    Arapaho is a great place to live–after all, it’s in our top two neighborhoods in Dallas-Ft. Worth!

    Not only is the area safe, but the high walkability of this part of town makes it ideal for summer night strolls, restaurant visits, or Sunday window-shopping.

    Although you have everything you need in your neighborhood, access to main highways and transport to the city is also convenient and rapid.

    There's a big selection of delicious local restaurants, grocery stores galore, and cute coffee shops. You've also the Eagle-Mustang Stadium, right next to the Richardson High School, which is well ranked and right at the center of Arapaho, perfect for supporting high-school sporting events.

    Tucked away in the north corner of the neighborhood, you'll find Heights Park. A great option for children to play in, teenagers to join events, and families to make new memories with.

    All of this makes Hyde Park and North Loop a great–and affordable–place to live. It lands the neighborhood in our top three neighborhoods to live in Austin for 2022.

    Arapaho Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Arapaho scored:

    2. Uptown/Knox Henderson/Oak Lawn

    Perfect for young, single professionals who want to live the trendy, big city vibes that Dallas offers.

    Howdy, to our joint top two areas! This area, including Uptown, Oak Lawn, and Knox Henderson, is just to the north of Downtown. It's hard to name something this area doesn't offer. From the heart of the city's LGBTQ+ scene to the great green spaces at your green fingertips—you've got the Katy Trail to the Samurai Collection, which is one of the largest of its kind. Vibes, nature, and history are all in the heart of Dallas, and they're all right here.

    This area's perfect for the folks that like to walk; with over 200 restaurants and 160 shops the last time we checked, you're sure to find something to do just a few steps away.

    So you get an idea, here are some fan favorites: The Rustic, a hub for live music and Texan cuisine with a modern twist; and The Kitchen Dog Theater, which challenges its visitors to explore questions of justice, morality, and freedom with each of its performances.

    Oak Lawn is home to Dallas' LGBTQ+ community, and it's got to be one of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in the country. Cedar Springs Road will be your go-to, full of open-minded bars and restaurants with spicy events. You'll have things like The Round-Up Saloon, a good cowboy two-step dance hall, or the Rose Room with its elaborate drag shows that will have you practicing death drops as soon as you get home—sorry to the neighbors below! The area also hosts the Dallas Pride parade each summer.

    The Uptown, Oak Lawn, and Knowx Henderson area is filled with new contemporary residences and office towers. Its plethora of shopping and dining venues make the area a top location for those searching for a vibrant place to call home.

    Uptown/Knox Henderson/Oak Lawn Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Uptown/Knox Henderson/Oak Lawn scored:

    1. Prestonwood

    The number one neighborhood to live in within Dallas, Texas, for 2022.

    Drum roll, please. Our number one neighborhood to live in within Dallas! Prestonwood, well-connected, affordable living, and small-town feels with big-city perks.

    Many choose to live in Prestonwood thanks to the quality of private and public schools. The area–and its housing prices–are very affordable, scoring a 4/5 in our ranking.

    There are a few parks in the neighborhood; Kiowa Park, Kiowa Parkway, and Hillwood Park all come highly recommended and help the area score a 5/5 for Beauty & Parks and Points of Interest. Additionally, The Clubs of Prestonwood-The Creek golf club and the Holiday Park are just a few blocks away.

    Prestonwood’s community is very supportive and is often brought together by local events organized by the neighborhood association and the schools of the area. Plus, if you ever need to spoil yourself, you've got a wealth of Shops & Restaurants to choose from (5/5).

    Safety in the area is mostly good–scoring a 3/5. However, not all streets are completely safe–there are a few pockets in the area that aren’t great. This is due to some minor property theft–which is still below the nation’s average.

    The Prestonwood neighborhood has got our highest score due to its very suburban feel with plenty of single-family homes and condominiums–truly a place to enjoy some peace and quiet while still being close to the action.

    Prestonwood's Rankings:

    Rankings: Weighted rankings were determined by scoring neighborhoods on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories with 5 being the best. Here's how Prestonwood scored:

    What You Need to Know Before Moving to Dallas-Ft Worth

    Time to dive into the numbers of our top neighborhoods for Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas. Let’s get the bad news out of the way first, public transport isn’t great; scoring an average 2.8 out of 5. If you’re considering moving to Dallas-Ft. Worth, you’ll need a car, a bike, a great pair of sneakers, or a lot of patience. Great, now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the highs. Dallas-Ft. Worth may not be an area of excellence in one particular area, but it does many things very well. Out of the 11 neighborhoods on this list, Walkability, Beauty & Parks, Schools, Shopping & Restaurants, Nightlife & Entertainment, and Points of Interest all averaged at 4 and above. Which, when scoring out of five, is pretty spectacular. Dallas averaged at 38.9/50 on our best neighborhoods to live in the USA ranking. Despite having a reputation for being a relatively unsafe area, Dallas-Ft. Worth clearly has a few neighborhoods in its back pocket that are providing a great quality of life for its residents. If you’re a sports fan, looking to start a family, or crave a solid skyline, then Dallas-Ft. Worth could well be your next chapter.

    Courtesy of Bungalow.com

    75240, 75251, 75230, 75254, 75080, 75081, 75082, 75231, 75244, 75243, 75248, 75252, 75001, 75225,75287, 75234, 75006, 75007, 75075, 75074, 75238, 75201, 75202, 75203, 75204, 75205, 75206, 75207, 75208, 75209, 75210, 75063, 75039, 75219, 75220, 75221, 75222, 75226, 75228, 75235, 75218, 75023, 75093, 75024, 75025, 75008, 75011, 75239, 75214, 75040, 75041, 75042, 75044, 75045, 75046, 75047, 75049, 75150, 75390, 75247, 75149, 75038, 75062, 75061, 75060, 76127, 76164, 76107, 76102, 76111, 76106, 76135, 76108, 76104, 76129, 76110, 76105, 76103, 76107, 76108, 76109, 76113, 76116, 76117, 76121, 76125, 76126, 76129, 76130, 76131, 76053, 76180, 76137, 76148, 76137, 76020, 76114

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    Plano & North Dallas


    East & South Dallas

    Fort Worth & West

    • Bedford
    • Benbrook
    • Blue Mound
    • Colleyville
    • Crowley
    • Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport
    • Euless
    • Everman
    • Forest Hill
    • Haltom City
    • Hurst
    • Irving
    • Keller
    • Lake Worth
    • Mansfield
    • North Richland Hills
    • Richland Hills
    • River Oaks
    • Saginaw
    • Watagua
    • Westworth
    • White Settlement
    • Dalworthington Gardens
    • Pantego
    • Arlington
    • Burleson
    • Kennedale
    • Grand Prairie
    • Fort Worth
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    1. Flexibility: Same day delivery florists provide flexibility for customers who have busy schedules or unexpected changes in plans. It offers reassurance that even if we need to make a last-minute adjustment or decide to send flowers on the spur of the moment, we can rely on the service to make it happen promptly.


    Overall, same day delivery florists in Dallas play an essential role by providing a convenient and timely service for a variety of occasions and situations. They ensure that we can express our emotions, bring joy, and show support to our loved ones in a timely manner, making them an indispensable service for residents and businesses in the area.




    Certainly! Here's a list of various neighborhoods in Dallas along with their corresponding ZIP codes:


    1. Addison - ZIP Code: 75001
    2. Bishop Arts District - ZIP Code: 75208
    3. Deep Ellum - ZIP Code: 75226
    4. Design District - ZIP Code: 75207
    5. Downtown Dallas - ZIP Codes: 75201, 75202, 75204
    6. East Dallas - ZIP Codes: 75206, 75214, 75218
    7. Highland Park - ZIP Code: 75205
    8. Knox/Henderson - ZIP Code: 75205
    9. Lake Highlands - ZIP Codes: 75218, 75231
    10. Lakewood - ZIP Code: 75214
    11. Lower Greenville - ZIP Code: 75206
    12. North Dallas - ZIP Codes: 75225, 75230, 75240
    13. Oak Cliff - ZIP Codes: 75203, 75208, 75211
    14. Oak Lawn - ZIP Codes: 75219, 75235
    15. Preston Hollow - ZIP Codes: 75220, 75225
    16. South Dallas - ZIP Codes: 75210, 75215, 75223
    17. Trinity Groves - ZIP Code: 75212
    18. Uptown Dallas - ZIP Codes: 75201, 75204, 75219
    19. Victory Park - ZIP Code: 75219
    20. West End Historic District - ZIP Codes: 75202, 75207


    Please note that this is not an exhaustive list, as Dallas has numerous neighborhoods, each with its own ZIP code.






    Certainly! Here's a comprehensive list of neighborhoods in Dallas:


    1. Addison
    2. Arts District
    3. Bent Tree
    4. Bishop Arts District
    5. Bluffview
    6. Casa Linda
    7. Cedars
    8. Cityplace
    9. Deep Ellum
    10. Design District
    11. Downtown Dallas
    12. East Dallas
    13. Farmers Market District
    14. Highland Park
    15. Knox/Henderson
    16. Lake Highlands
    17. Lakewood
    18. Lower Greenville
    19. North Dallas
    20. Oak Cliff
    21. Oak Lawn
    22. Old East Dallas
    23. Park Cities
    24. Pleasant Grove
    25. Preston Hollow
    26. South Dallas
    27. Trinity Groves
    28. Turtle Creek
    29. Uptown Dallas
    30. Victory Park
    31. West End Historic District
    32. West Village
    33. White Rock Lake


    Please note that this list includes many, but not all, of the neighborhoods in Dallas. The city has a wide range of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods that offer unique experiences and amenities

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